Shipping & Return

1. Shipment policy:

Currently, we offer the following two shipping methods

(1) Fob (Free On Board)

  • a: Meaning: when the goods cross the ship’s side at the designated port of shipment, the seller completes the delivery, which means the buyer must bear all risks of loss or damage of the goods thereafter. In addition, the seller must go through the relevant procedures for export of goods. As long as the seller delivers the goods to the carrier designated by the buyer at the designated location and has dealt with the export customs clearance procedures, the delivery is completed. The selection of delivery location has an impact on the L/D obligations. If the goods are delivered at the place where the seller is located, the delivery shall be deemed to be fulfilled upon the goods are loaded on the transportation facilities provided by carrier designated by the buyer or other representatives of the buyer; otherwise, when the goods are loaded on the seller’s transportation facilities and have not yet been unloaded and are in the care of the carrier or other person designated by the buyer, the delivery obligation is deemed to have been fulfilled and the seller is not obligated to unload the goods.
  • b: First of all, we will provide our clients with FOB quotation, in which, FOB price = ex-factory price + customs clearance fee in China + transportation in China. We will be responsible for customs clearance in China until offshore.
  • c: We shall deliver the goods conforming to the contract to the ship designated by the buyer at the time and port of shipment stipulated in the contract, and in the case of FOB, we provide balance T/T before shipment.
  • d: FOB stipulates that the client shall bear the expenses of cargo hold and container, freight charge, insurance premium and other comprehensive landed expenses. Means free on board The goods by consignee control. The seller bears all expenses and risks before the goods loading to the Vessel. The goods are under consignee control.
  • e: The time limit for shipping is about one month for exporting to Europe, America, Australia and other countries.

(2) CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)

  • a: Meaning: The price of goods is constituted of the usual freight and the agreed insurance premium from the port of shipment to the agreed destination port. Therefore, the seller shall, in addition to the obligations in CFR terminology, handle freight insurance and pay the insurance premium for the buyer. According to the general international trade practice, the insured amount insured by the seller shall be increased by 10% at CIF price. Where the buyer and the seller do not agree on specific risks, the seller only needs to obtain the minimum insurance risks. In the event that the buyer requests to add war insurance, the seller shall add insurance on the premise that the insurance premium shall be borne by the buyer. If the seller can do so, the insurance must be in the contract currency.
  • b: First of all, we will provide the client with the CIF quotation (CIF=FOB+ Ocean Freight + Insurance Cost). That is, we shall be responsible for concluding the transportation contract from the place of departure to the destination and paying the normal transportation cost. In CIF, the seller shall be responsible for handling the cargo insurance and paying the corresponding insurance premium.
  • c: And the Balance (T/T)should be paid against B/L copy. The goods are controlled by shipper
  • d: The time limit for shipping is about one month for exporting to Europe, America, Australia and other countries.



2. Returns Policy & Conditions

  • a.Due to the high cost of transportation and goods, all goods that are attached with confirmed orders will not be returned or replaced. Please confirm the quality and specifications of the samples received before placing the order.
  • b.We are deeply sorry if there is any inconvenience incurred to you by the shipment of the final products according to the proforma invoice provided.