Water Color Brush Pen Set

Product Detail:

  1. A set of 3 pieces brushes:  3 sharp brush, 3 sizes (small, medium, large)suitable for art students, amateur and professional artists.
  2. Excellent watercolor pen: High quality nylon hair brush tips ensures that the watercolor brush pen stay intact and does not spray, spread, or smear while in use.Convenience – Lightweight, portable and durable makes this an essential tool for artists and hobbyists to use at home, in a studio or on-the-go.
  3. EASY TO USE: Simply unscrew (the opposite way from usual) fill 2 thirds with tap water and you’re ready to go.Simply to squeeze barrel to easily control the ink or water flow.Great for solid colors or powdered pigment, use with watercolor crayons, water-soluble pencils, water-soluble pigments, inks.
  1. Easy to clean: just wash with water after use. Note: In order to preserve the health of the pen tip, the pen tip will be water sealed when it leaves the factory. If there is water mist in the pen cap, it is caused by the evaporation of water on the pen tip, which is a normal phenomenon.

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