Zen gardens are known to be soothing and relaxing, so much so that mini zen gardens became a thing too. We’re talking about tiny little planters and green elements which you can keep inside the house, on the desk, on the balcony or even out on the porch. They’re compact and they bring freshness and beauty into our lives and they’re also really fun and enjoyable to put together. As it happens, we have a few lovely project ideas to share with you on this theme.

A desktop zen garden is something small that you can keep on your desk or in your general workspace area so you can have something relaxing and beautiful to look at and to be able to concentrate better. There are many different ways to make a desktop zen garden but generally they involve using some sort of container like a planter, some greenery and pebbles, stones and various such elements. All of these items need to be put together in a harmonious way and you can find out more about this sort of project from Oritlife Zen Mini Garden.

You can also give your mini garden a story. For example, this is a beach-inspired fairy garden and it has fine sand, blue glass granules which symbolize the water and a bunch of tiny props like a fence, a lounge chair, a beach sign and also a few plants as well tucked behind the fence.